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Tour of Vieux Chaillol - Stage 4 out of 5

6 h 30
Multi-days trek
Multi-days trek
18.0 km
Total Length
1525 m
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Departure : Les Borels → Arrival : Chaillol 1600

This leg is along a south facing ledge below the beautiful Palastre rock faces and the Aiguilles de Famourou.

As well as a panoramic view of the Drac valley, you will discover a prosperous mountain, an area with a network of hedges, canals, sunken paths and its pollarded trees. There is an ongoing agro-pastoral tradition around the village resorts and in summer, most of the valleys and pastures are used for cattle and sheep.

Whilst keeping on the right bank, continue along the Drac for about 10 minutes, which will quickly take you up to the right and into a larch forest. The GR continues under large black slabs (sandstone). An hour later, you will see a footpath to the left that goes down to the hamlet of Clapier. Continue up through the forest, the path flattens out to overlook the Aiguilles de Pertuis. Go through a shale zone and leave the forest for a pasture area where you may lose the tracks in some places. Take the footpath to the right, down along the thalweg up to the mountain spur that dominates the valley. Go down the meandering path that joins the small road leading to Les Richards. Walk across the hamlet and at the junction take the route to the left. Walk past a farm, through a first gateway, along the enclosure, through a second gateway and cross the Bonnets stream. The path then heads up the right bank and enters a wood, on a forestry path that goes down to, and crosses, the Brudou stream. Whilst still in the forest, go past the Baumette Forester's house, then not long after, above the Doue water source, cross over the Peyrousse stream. Following the contours, the path continues under the aiguilles de Famourou. Go through the Aysses wood (on the left you will see a path that goes down to a track leading to to the "Marrons" rest house), then cross the Riou Mort. The GR comes to the forest again and follows an old irrigation canal just below. You will then reach the rest area of the old Chaillol mountain refuge. Follow the forestry road that goes down the right bank of the Buissard stream to get to the Chaillol resort.


In the summer, shuttle from Gap to Les Auberts that stops at Les Borels. Be sure to reserve 36 hours in advance at or by calling 04 92 502 505. 


From the N85, take the D944 (Col de Manse) 4 km after Pont-du-Fossé, turn left onto the D944a and continue to Les Borels.

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On the way...
Les Borels

This is most important village in the Chamoléon district (no hamlet bears this name). Until towards the first world war in 1914, the valley lived in a closed circuit for all everyday items. At the Borels there was a weaver (wool and hemp), a miller-baker, an ironmonger, a mason, a breeches-maker and in the other hamlets, a cobbler, two millers, a joiner and two shoemakers. The latter worked from home.


To the 24 questions asked by the attorney general of the Dauphiné in 1789, the Champoléon Council replied, "Champoléon is in the most atrocious place of the Haut-Dauphiné. The community has 16 villages, 80 families and 600 souls spread over the slopes of the mountain. All of the roofs are thatched [...] the rivers and streams cause serious damage." Indeed, on All Saints Day in 1790, the Champoléon church was destroyed by flooding. Part of the graveyard was washed away taking coffins and corpses away from Champoléon too.

Les Aiguilles de Famourou

Sculpted in the "Champsaur sandstone" by time and the elements, a beret-topped head, an animal or a huge blade catches the eye. As you get closer, some of them seem to be keeping guard like motionless sentries, in worrying balance despite their thousand years, over the Drac valley and the Bayard and Manse passes to the south-west.


Altitude profile

Altitude (m)

Min : 1253 m - Max : 1854 m

Distance (m)



The Drac has very wide riverbed that spreads and flows in several branches. They can change direction after heavy rainfalls cutting off the cross-country ski trails in several places.