Ecrins trekking

Park core zone rules

The core zone is an unspoiled area that is open to everyone and is governed by a code of good practice :

  • No dogs, not even on a lead, so as not to disturb wildlife and livestock
  • Exceptions are working dogs, such as guide dogs, sheep dogs, avalanche dogs, as part of their activities.
  • No picking flowers or taking samples: animals, plants, minerals and fossils are all part of the scenery.
  • No firearms : all animals in the core zone are protected.
  • Pas de chasse : ici tous les animaux sont protégés
  • Do not leave litter. Keep the natural world unsoiled.
  • No littering. Keep the nature unsoiled.
  • No fires : to avoid forest fires and soil deteriorations.
  • Avoid making too much noise. Let everyone enjoy the zone in peace.
  • No camping: to preserve the beautiful scenery and prevent pollution.
  • "Wild camping" is only permitted between 7 p.m. and 9 a.m. and at least one hour's walk from the park limits or nearest roads.
  • No motorised vehicles : the area can only be explored on foot; cars are only permitted on designated roads.
  • No mountain bikes : the area can only be explored on foot, and the paths are only designed for use by walkers.
  • Flying at less than 1,000 meters above the ground is forbidden.
  • Glidings and hang-glidings are subjects to specific regulations.
  • Do not cut through paths : in certain sensitive areas, off-path hiking is forbidden. It is good practice to avoid soil erosion.

Blue-white-red flags painted on rocks marked the limits of the core zone of the Park.