Ecrins trekking

Escorted outings

Mountain professionals may help you go a little further and a little higher in safety to discover this exceptional land. Do not hesitate to contact the guides partners of the Ecrins National Park.

The mountain guides

They are performers/interpreters who know birds' songs, uses of plants and paths, fine details about the landscape that tell its history and its secrets about fauna and flora! They adapt the route and walking rhythm to the group they supervise and in the bottom of their bag ... there is often a specialty to taste!

The high mountain guides

To climb peaks and to cross glaciers in safety, they are the professionals you need ! These high level mountaineers will train you to get mountaineering skills and they will guide you in your ascents in the heart of the Ecrins National Park.

Discover the program of escorted outings.

Butterflies animation during the "Jeudis des refuges" at Clots refuge (Mizoën) - © Christophe Albert - PNE